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Expert Tyre Fitters for the Liverpool Area

On this page, the team at Tommy Tyres have looked to answer some questions we frequently receive from motorists in and around the Liverpool area.


If you have a question not featured below, then feel free to give our tyre fitters a call on 0151 236 2219. We’ll be more than happy to provide you with advice on new tyres, MOT testing, wheel alignment or any of the other services that we offer.

Tommy Tyres FAQ

What type of new tyres do Tommy Tyres supply and fit?

We are one of Liverpool’s premier tyre suppliers, and as such have a large range of tyres to suite all needs and budgets. Tommy Tyres specialises in branded, discounted and economy new tyres for domestic and commercial vehicles. Our Michelin tyres and 4x4 tyres prove especially popular.


Unlike many tyre fitters around the Liverpool area, we won’t keep you waiting and will quickly swap out your old tyres for your new ones, no delays necessary! We can then ensure that they are properly aligned so that your vehicle runs smoothly and efficiently.

What’s involved in wheel alignment and why is it helpful?

Whenever new tyres are installed on a vehicle or suspension work is carried out, wheel alignment should be checked. Our tyre fitters in Liverpool will also check wheel alignment if a client has noticed that their tyres have unusual tire wear patterns, or if a vehicle is handling strangely.


Tommy Tyres’ wheel alignment service involves adjusting the angles of wheels and suspension components so that they are parallel to each other. There are three measurements involved in this process: camber, caster and toe. Each must be precisely calculated and aligned to ensure your car runs perfectly straight.

When do I need to bring my car in for MOT testing and what does it involve?

You must bring your vehicle in for MOT testing by the third anniversary of its registration. Once a vehicle is 3-years’ old, it will require MOT testing on an annual basis. MOT Testing involves an experienced engineer checking your car is roadworthy and road-legal.


Among the elements checked by our Liverpool tyre fitters are: lamps, reflectors and electrical equipment, steering and suspension, brakes, tyres and road wheels, seat belts and restraint systems, exhaust, fuel and emissions, and body, structure and general items.


Why should I choose your tyre suppliers over competing companies around Liverpool?

With an expansive stock of new tyres, including Michelin tyres and 4x4 tyres, come to Tommy Tyres if you’re searching for tyre suppliers in Liverpool who can carry out fast and affordable MOT testing, wheel alignment and tyre fitting. Our friendly team has years of experience within the industry, and will get your vehicle back on the road and running better than ever before in no time at all.

Need new tyres fitted or MOT testing around the Liverpool area?

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